Career Management

You don’t become successful by accident. And you don’t maintain success by accident either!

As a player, you undergo three very distinct stages in your career:

1. Early, developing years

You are young. All you want to do is play the game you love. You know that you are good. You dream of one day representing your country in the World Cup. But how do you get from here to there? It seems like a long, hard road.

On The Ball Management can kick start your career and get you on the right path by:

  • Offering guidance, Financial planning and immediate goal-setting
  • Exploring and negotiating sponsorship deals
  • Developing and enhancing your profile locally, nationally and internationally
  • Seeking out clubs best suited to your level of skill and ability

2. Established years

You are now a regular first team player. finally, you are part of a great team, finally you are earning a good income. It has been a long road and you have made it, you are know enjoying relative success. But how do you take absolute advantage of this? Are you realizing your full potential both on and off the field?
On The Ball Management will ensure you are maximizing any and all opportunities by:

  • Setting in place longer term strategic planning
  • Constantly evaluating your career path
  • Sourcing and exploring overseas options
  • Maintaining your high profile
  • Providing sound long term investment advice

3. Post Playing years

Now you are facing the reality that your on –field days are coming to an end. Your career as a player has been both fulfilling and financially rewarding, and you have achieved everything you have wanted. But what now? You still love the game, you still want to be involved. What can you do?

On The Ball Management can make the transition from on-field to off-field simple, stress free and financially rewarding by:

  • Exploring your options well in advance
  • Sourcing and evaluating all opportunities arising from these options
  • Negotiating employment contracts